The 3 best reasons to have an eCommerce store

We build online stores powered by an open souce platform, the most popular store builder out there today


Powered by along with Woo Commerce are two of the most customizable content management systems available today. They both have millions of users worldwide and readily available solutions to most problems that website owners experience.

Open Source

Open source meaning that there is never a charge for using the software. Large online communities that have already customized solutions for your needs most of which have a free option.


  1. Free – Who doesn’t like free? Free installation. Free Lifetime usage. Free shipping integration. Thousands of Free useful plugins.
  2. Customizable and Developer friendly
  3. Open Source, extendible library and a large community of online help

Designing Your Ecommerce Store

Images, descriptions, prices, users’ comments and ratings should all be included in your web page to guide your prospective buyers. Everything should also from the get go be SEO optimized.

Building Your Brand

 Our goal here is to build an army of loyal followers. Try to imagine why one company is successful while another isn’t.

Set Up The Payment Gateway for your E commerce store

As an online business, you should have multiple payment options available for your customers, in no particular order these are the most common online payment systems.

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Square

It’s important to integrate a variety of payment options into your store along side of simply accepting credit or debit card purchases.

Secure Your Website By Installing an SSL Certificate

For all the websites that transfer data online, you should make sure that their connection is protected by a Secured Security Layer (SSL). The SSL certificate keeps your website secure and builds trust with your customers. Currently no Browsers will let you access a website that doesn’t have a SSL without giving you the insecure site warning. So even if you have a site that doesn’t transfer any secure data at all, nobodies going to trust going there. In my opinion it’s just best to pay the few dollars a year for peace of mind.