Small Business Websites

Being visible on the Internet is the number 1 reason to have a small business website.

There’s no right way to start a small business website, however if you follow some common rules of startups you may find yourself in the unlikely position of being profitable within a short period of time.

I won’t speculate on any ideas that people have for thier small business websites, let’s just assume that you have an idea that you want to monetize.

The first step should be the legal construct of the company. Most startups are simply Sole Proprietorships, the next level is to incorporate as an LLC which is basically a Sole Proprietorship for somebody that has something to lose and the last is to form a Corporation.

We will focus on the type of business that is a Sole Proprietorship that is operating on a shoestring budget.

The idea here is to get some good traction for your business venture. We’ll assume that you’ve chosen a business name already. 

After you’ve settled on your Domain name you need to sign up for the hosting service which is where your website gets parked.

So between registering your domain name and choosing your hosting package your probably on the hook for under $150, that’s not bad at all.

The next step is to get all of your info and selling points together. Just start with descriptions of your product or service then include as many high quality photos of each item or maybe a video of a worker completing a task.

I understand that all of that may be somewhat difficult to accomplish early on, millions of websites use generic images there’s no shame in that, after all your just starting out so here’s a link for that website

So now you have a product or service that’s ready to launch. Let’s develop your website.

By far the most common way to do that is by using WordPress and if you have an E-Commerce shop then Woo Commerce is the best plugin for selling any product on your site.

After we install the FREE WordPress CMS (content management system) or FREE Woo Commerce plugin we will get into the nitty gritty of populating your website with all of your content.

Alright, now your website actually needs to be constructed. Your specific business model will determine if you need a simple landing page or something more complex that includes a Home, About, Blog, Contact and Store pages.

So what will my total investment be? Industry standard pricing in the U.S. varies a bit between regions and of course client specs., but a typical 5 page brochure website (Home, About, Services, Contact and  Blog) can be around $150 per page.

Now in order to get your new Small Business Website noticed you need to get into some SEO (search engine optimization) . Organic search means that your site has relevant information.

It’s important to know that developing SEO results will take many months and a concerted effort between you and your web development partners. Patience is key here

If your using WordPress there are numerous Plugins that can help you rank higher, your Web Developer should be familiar with them. After your site is optimized this way and if you’re still not getting any traction the easiest way to jump start your sales is through paid adverts in social media platforms.

So basically if you need to slow play it like I have in the past you can and you should, but start with legally establishing your business. The rest will fall into place after that.

Here’s the nuts and bolts of it for your new Small Business.

  •  Legally establish your business $150
  • Grab your Domain name $12.99/year
  • Choose your hosting service $20 – $26
  • Get all of your info and photos together – DIY = $0
  • SEO DIY $0 – $90/hour for a Professional
  • Adverts – $3.29/day or as much as you can afford to spend

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